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Pipe no. 4153 - A versatile pipe, made for 9 mm filter:

A narrow and tall tobacco chamber ensures a versatile pipe:
-The pipe does not easily go out
-The pipe burns well both with
a small and a big portion of tobacco.

Length: 5.8'' / 13.2 cm
Tobacco chamber:
0.7'' / 1.8 cm diameter
 1.7'' / 4.3 cm deep
Weight: 46 g / 1.6 oz
Colour: Light flames

Adapter can be included
if you do not want to use
SOLD                                                                    filters on this pipe.
Strengthened with a silver ring.

Euro 628 / US$ 845
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Pipe no. 4148 - A straight grain pipe:

The straight grains (pattern) in these two pipes
make them interesting for some collectors:
The lines in the wood
underlines the shape of the pipe.

Length: 4.7'' / 11.9 cm
Tobacco chamber:
0.7'' / 1.7 cm diameter
1.7'' / 4.2 cm deep
Weight: 42 g / 1.5 oz
Colour: Natural

SOLD                                                                     euro 251 / US$ 310

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